April 1st, 2006  

   On April Fool's day, it is a long standing tradition that open source projects post bogus news about buyouts or project closures. In light of this, it is quite humerus that I should pick today to release this news. However, I wish the news I am about to deliver would be as light hearted as the occasion.

   After much deliberation concerning the future of the Globe*Trotter product line, CaspianXI and I have decided to suspend the project indefinitely. We have had a blast putting the script together and watching the community grow.

   Unfortunately, the calls of school, work, and duties must take preeminence over hobbies and this is one such case. However, don't worry, we won't go far. We will always be in reach of an email.

   Globe*Trotter will always still be available on SourceForge. If anyone would care to continue to develop the guestmap, let us know and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.

Thanks again for being a part of Xenolth.

If you would like to contact us, send us an email!
Tirian (Peter) :       uselinux@gmail.com
CaspianXI (Philip): masterhacker@gmail.com